Example for Instance. Student. Schema. Schema is defined as the overall description of the database, or simply it is the design of a database. A schema depicts the basic structure of how the data will be stored in the database. A database schema is considered as the skeleton structure of a database and it represents the logical view of the entire database.


A product measurement, for example the inseam of pants, the wheel size of a bicycle, or the gauge of a screw. Usually an exact measurement, but can also be a range of measurements for adjustable products, for example belts and ski bindings. hasMerchantReturnPolicy: MerchantReturnPolicy: Indicates a MerchantReturnPolicy that may be applicable.

The following examples use the default Schema Registry URL value (localhost:8081). The examples show how to configure this inline by supplying the URL as an argument to the --property flag in the command line arguments of the producer and consumer (--property schema.registry.url=

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